As a member of BAYSIDE OCC, I:

1. Acknowledge that the club is representative of all members and that I will respect the views and opinions of my fellow members;
2. Shall NOT assume to use, borrow, possess, loan out, or 'take command' of any equipment/assets that BAYSIDE OCC either owns or is responsible for, without the express permission of either the BAYSIDE OCC President or Vice President;
3. Shall comply with all training, team selection and racing decisions made by the BAYSIDE OCC coaching staff;
4. Shall respect all BAYSIDE OCC equipment and the rights/private property of all BAYSIDE OCC members at all times;
5. Will pay annual membership fees when due, and acknowledge that I must be a full financial member and have no other fees in arrears, to participate in events on behalf of the club;
6. Shall loyally support and assist the elected committee in their roles and shall raise any concerns or queries regarding club policy or procedure to the appropriate committee member;
7. Shall be an ambassador for BAYSIDE OCC and the sport of Outrigging when representing or participating at events. This further means that I will agree to behave in a "sportsmanlike" manner at all times and adhere to the club Code of Conduct;
8. Agree to nurture a culture of open and direct communication with others, and deal with any complaints or disagreements in an appropriate manner befitting a member of the club. This further means that if a disagreement cannot be settled amicably, I will engage the assistance of the Club Captain to mediate a resolution;
9. Shall work as a team member for the greater good of my team, BAYSIDE OCC and the sport of Outrigger Canoeing;
10. Agree to purchase and wear the approved BAYSIDE OCC uniform for all regattas.
11. Agree to pay regatta fees by the due date, knowing that failure to do so will incur a late registration fee or terminate my right to race;
12. Acknowledge that late withdrawal from a regatta will result in forfeit of payment;
13. Agree to participate in a minimum of three fundraising and maintenance events annually;
14. Agree that all communication conveyed on behalf of BAYSIDE OCC must be sanctioned by the Management Committee;
15. Will read and comply with the rules stated in the BAYSIDE OCC handbook;
16. Will adhere to all rules and regulations stated in the AOCRA and Bayside Constitution, and Queensland Maritime Safety Commission.


I am aware that cause for disciplinary action or termination of membership are:
A. Breaching the terms of the BAYSIDE OCC Membership Agreement;
B. Breaching the rules of BAYSIDE OCC or AOCRA and its Constitution;
C. Behaving in a manner that is injurious, prejudicial or unbecoming of the character, reputation or interests of the Association and outrigger canoeing in general.

BAYSIDE OCC reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this.


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